.. The Guna Data Base (Db Guna) is a non-profit service to foster research, and information exchange about the culture and language of the Guna peoples, and to bring awareness to their history, stories and concerns. It is the result of an international collaboration among faculty, students, artists and others who share an interest for everything Guna, and for Panama as well. The Db Guna contains specialized on-line catalogues, free-downloadable documents about a diversity of Guna topics, and lists of interactive annotated links related to Guna culture.

The international and interdisciplinary collaboration behind the Db Guna, and the totality of this project, is based mainly on voluntary work, although it has also benefited from occasional contributions from universities, non-governmental organizations and private benefactors (go to the PanaL button for details). The project is coordinated by Marta Lucía de Gerdes (University of Hannover, and University of Lüneburg, in Germany).

The Db Guna is growing. We welcome your feedback and the inputs and data updates from those developing work on the Guna peoples ( We also welcome the kind patronage of anyone who values Native American cultures and appreciates our contributions to innovative forms of learning, widespread access to research sources, and well-informed intercultural exchange.

We would like to remind Db Guna users to comply with copy-right laws. The fact that we feature external sites should not be interpreted as an endorsement on our part to any such site.

What is the Guna Data Base (Db Guna)?

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