Languages and Cultures of Panama

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Emberá y Wounaan
Ngäbe y Buglé
Naso y  Bri Bri

The Documentation Center of the Linguistic Minorities of Panama is a platform still in progress; it offers an annotated bibliographic catalogue, linguistic information, visual art and crafts data, links, and other information about the ethnic groups that constitute the main linguistic minorities of the Republic of Panama. The information for each of these groups can be found in a corresponding site as follows:

Data Base about Creole English communities of Panama ("Creoles")
Data Base about Emberá and Waunan communities in Panama ("Emberá y Wounaan")
Data Base about Guna communities in Panama ("Db Guna")
Data base about Ngäbe-Bugléi ("Ngäbe y Buglé")
Data base about Naso (Teribe) and Bribri ("Naso y Bri Bri")

"Goals" will tell you about the goals of this Documentation Center, about its interesting history, and about the people behind it. In addition, you will find some notes on the concept of linguistic minorities, and why we chose this focus. "Languages and Voices" presents information about the different languages considered by this project. You will find something about their grammar, their form, and much more. We are also preparing audio and video material to accompany this linguistic exploration. Also coming up is an interactive linguistic map that will help you to locate geographically the linguistic communities. Since we are still working on this project, you may encounter some sites that are not yet finished. They will be coming soon! The Db Guna was our test site and is the most developed so far. Since we are dependant on volunteer work and financial aid, we are growing slowly but surely. Thanks for your interest.

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